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10 Ottobre 2012: Cristina membro del nostro fans club, intervista Tim Burton al London Film Festival!

Depp Heaven interview Tim Burtont
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Pirati dei Caraibi

La bussola di Jack Sparrow venduta all’asta | Jack Sparrow’s compass goes to auction

Due oggetti di scena importanti, fondamentali per la trama dei PIRATI DEI CARAIBI e caratteristici della serie, sono stati venduti all’asta: una copia dell’originale bussola usata da Johnny Depp nel ruolo del Capitano Jack Sparrow nel 2003 nel film Pirati Dei Caraibi: Curse of The Black Pearl, insieme a due medaglie d’oro Aztec (stima: € 4.000-6.000). Sono stati venduti a per € 6875. Congratulazioni ai nuovi proprietari!

Two important props, central to the plot of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film franchise feature: a detailed prop compass as used by Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the 2003 Walt Disney Pictures film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, together with two Aztec gold medallions (est: £4,000-6,000). The compass, bartered from Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris), does not point north but points to the thing you want most in this world. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, it leads Jack to the Isla de Muerta to find the Treasure of Cortés. Jack Sparrow’s compass continues to feature heavily in the next three films. The medallions are worn around the neck of Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), and are part of the cursed Aztec gold forming the scattered Treasure of Cortés which the crew of The Black Pearl must return to the chest to lift the curse.

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Penelope Cruz vorrebbe essere in potc-5 / Cruz: I would be up for Pirates 5

ITA:  In una intervista,l’attrice Penelope Cruz parla di un suo possibile coinvolgimento nel quinto film dei pirati:”Johnny Depp e il regista Rob Marshall  li considero miei amici, io li adoro e li rispetto molto,mi è piaciuto fare quel film. Perché Johnny è un essere umano incredibile. Lui è un buon amico, e lui è sempre stato così buono con me. Ricordo durante le riprese del film Johnny e Rob sembravano proteggermi e prendersi cura di me in ogni scena visto che ero in dolce attesa … Al momento non so nulla sul film,non ho letto nessun copione, staremo a vedere!”

ENG: Cruz: I would be up for Pirates 5
Penelope Cruz has hinted that she would return for a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean film.
The Spanish star said she would do “anything” for co-star Johnny Depp and director Rob Marshall, after she worked with them on the fourth instalment, On Stranger Tides.
” I consider them my friends. And I really love them and respect them,” she told Collider.
“I loved making that movie. Because Johnny is an incredible human being. He’s a very good friend, and he’s always been so good to me.”
The actress, who welcomed son Leonardo last January with husband Javier Bardem, will never forget how they treated her on set.
“You know, that was a very special time for me because I was pregnant through the whole movie and the way Johnny and Rob Marshall were with me, the way they protected me, the way they took care of me, I will never forget in my life. And I love them for that.”
However, Penelope – who next stars in drama Twice Born – admitted she doesn’t know what is happening with the fifth film in the hit swash-buckling series.
“I haven’t read a script, I haven’t heard anything,” she said.
Geoffrey Rush has also revealed that he “knows nothing” about the next Pirates Of The Caribbean film, although Johnny and Sam Claflin are interested in reprising their roles.

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Ruth Ellsworth, songwriter, esperta di cucina, e sarta per Depp

ITA: Ruth Ellsworth è famosa per aver scritto la canzone “Crossfire” con Stevie Ray Vaughan, ma ha anche scritto 5 libri di cucina, ed infine ha cominciato a pianificare una linea di pantaloni basati su quelli cuciti per Depp, amico suo e del marito Bill Carter, durante le riprese di Pirati Dei Caraibi. I pantaloni sono in tipico stile pirata, larghi e lunghi per 3/4 di gamba. Depp ha poi “divulgato” questi pantaloni pirata ad amici, come Keith Richard (chitarrista dei Rolling Stones) dal cui manager si è saputo che non indossa altro che quei pantaloni.Il budget di questi pantaloni che hanno dato il via alla linea, è stato di 1000 dollari, anticipati tutti da Depp, e spesi per una stoffa pregiata di lino Irlandese comprata presso il “International Silks and Woolens”, negozio di Los Angeles. Questi pantaloni hanno grandi tasche, indossabili anche alla spiaggia, e come sappiamo, Johnny possiede un’intera isola alle Bahamas.Depp fece la conoscenza di Ruth e del marito Bill, mentre girava “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”, e si trasferì da loro per qualche mese dopo aver terminato il film.  Depp e la coppia Carter, collaborarono anche per la canzone “Sand Theme”, colonna sonora del film “C’era una volta in messico”Ruth rivela che il motivo per cui lei ed il marito sono ancora amici di Depp è perchè lo trattano come una normale persona, nonostante la vita di Depp sia notevolmente cambiata dopo il primo film di Pirati.


ENG: Ruth Ellsworth is best known for helping create a classic Stevie Ray Vaughan song. But she’s also a culinary expert — and lately, she’s making clothes for Johnny Depp.
One day, she’ll write a song in her head while shopping for produce. The next day she might be found working up soup and recipes in the kitchen of the Eastside Cafe. Nighttime usually finds her painting or messing with fabrics and looking at old sewing patterns for fashion ideas.
Songs, soups and sewing have long been passions for Ruth Ellsworth, 53. The straight-shooting Oak Hill resident is best known as the co-writer of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s signature tune “Crossfire,” but she has also written five cookbooks and is planning a new clothing business based on pants she made for famed actor Johnny Depp, who is a close friend of Ellsworth and her husband, songwriter Bill Carter.
“I’ve never known anyone less content with doing nothing,” Eastside Cafe owner Elaine Martin said. “Ruth is always doing something with her hands.”
True to her calling as an expressive, independent Austin artist, she usually does it her own way.
“There are things that I’ve learned in the music business that I’ve been able to apply (to fashion),” Ellsworth said. “We used to watch the industry try to change Stevie (Ray Vaughan). You know, ‘You need to play more rock and less blues, and your solos are too long,’ that kind of stuff. But Stevie wasn’t malleable. He wasn’t going to change his style for anybody.”
Before her songwriting career took off in the 1980s, Ellsworth helped pay the bills by doing alterations for musician associates. Her seamstress gift has come to the forefront since she made a few pairs of baggy, three-quarter-length trousers of Irish linen for Depp while he was on the set of the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. . The actor started giving the “pirate pants” to people in his inner circle, including Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards.
Carter said he ran into Richards’ manager recently, and she jokingly gave him grief about the pants.
“She said ‘the only thing Keith ever wears is those blasted pirate pants,’ ” Carter said.
As word spread, folks were clamoring for more of the clam diggers than Ellsworth’s modest Singer sewing machine could handle, and she decided to start the clothing and accessory line, called SWAG, which stands for “sea wear and gear.” Production on the pants, which will retail for $165 a pair online (Web site is pending) and at select boutiques, will take place at a union shop in Los Angeles. “I’m not going to make some 9-year-old Chinese girl go blind just to increase the profit margin,” Ellsworth said.
The clothing enterprise began accidentally when Depp, who has been tight with the couple since 1993, gave Ellsworth $1,000 to buy fabric from International Silks and Woolens, a shop in Los Angeles owned by the father of Depp’s business manager. She spent it all on Irish linen and designed the one-size-fits-all pants with big pockets that Depp and Carter, who’ve trained together for several years, could wear at the beach. Depp owns a small island in the Bahamas, as well as homes in Los Angeles and southern France.
A guitar player who was in bands before stardom struck with TV’s “21 Jump Street” in 1987, Depp met the couple at Antone’s when he was in town filming “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” After the movie shoot, Depp moved in with them for a few months to avoid the glare of Hollywood.
“Whenever Johnny tried to leave, his 1950 Mercury would break down, so he ended up staying longer than expected,” said Carter, who subsequently formed the short-lived experimental blues-rock band P with Depp and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. Depp, Ellsworth and Carter later collaborated on the song “Sands Theme” for the soundtrack of the movie “Once Upon a Time In Mexico,” but mainly they just hang out together.
Ellsworth and Carter, who have no children but do have a couple of rambunctious dogs, have watched their friend’s popularity surge ridiculously since the first “Pirates” movie five years ago. “Johnny can’t go anywhere in public anymore — he’ll be mobbed,” Carter said.
Ellsworth said one of the main reasons they’ve remained such such good friends is because the she and her husband don’t treat Depp any different than anyone else. “He’s just a great friend with an amazing job,” said Ellsworth, who, with her husband, is godparent to Depp’s two children with French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis.
Ellsworth and Carter met in 1976 at Inner Sanctum Records, where Carter, who had just moved down from Washington state, was playing an in-store set with local songwriter Jubal Clark. A native of Bethany, Okla., Ellsworth had moved here to study English literature at the University of Texas, but her true goal was to become part of Austin’s singer-songwriter scene.
She’d been cooking and sewing long before that. She learned to sew from a family friend who lived to be 99. “Gertie was a master of needlework,” Ellsworth says of the woman who raised her mother.
A natural inclination as a hostess fueled Ellsworth’s desire to be a great cook. She started throwing dinner parties for her friends in high school.
She didn’t cook for a living until the early 1980s, when she was waiting tables at the Dorsett 221 truckstop in Buda one day and the cook didn’t show up. “I loved working in the kitchen,” she said. “You can listen to your own music and wear what you want to wear, plus you didn’t have to kiss anyone’s ass.”
Ellsworth and Carter, who married in 1984, were working at Xalepeno Charlie’s on South First Street two years later— Ellsworth in the kitchen and Carter busing tables — when the Fabulous Thunderbirds recorded their song “Why Get Up” on the double-platinum album “Tuff Enuff.” Good fortune hit even before the record took off when the Carters were contacted by representatives of General Mills, who made a deal to pay the couple $25,000 to put a hold on the tune, while they decided if it was right for an upcoming cereal commercial.
“We were living in a dump in Manchaca and we were more than a month behind on the rent,” Carter said, setting up one of the greatest “mailbox money” stories ever. “I kept telling the landlord that we had money coming in any day now, but he was losing his patience. One day the check for $25,000 arrives and we’re just besides ourselves. So we get back inside and right then the phone rings. It’s the landlord and he’s screaming ‘I want you outta there today!’ and I said, ‘No problem, man.’ Ruth and I went and rented a big house in Tarrytown.”
The song was never used for the commercial, but Ellsworth and Carter were finally making a living a songwriters.
Ellsworth retired from cooking, but the break was shortlived when Elaine Martin, who used to work with Ellsworth at Moveable Feast catering, bought Carla’s on Manor Road in 1988 and renamed it the Eastside Cafe. She needed a soup chef, Ellsworth’s specialty. “I missed the camaraderie of the kitchen, plus you get a lot of ideas for songs when you’re cooking,” said Ellsworth. “Nothing frees the mind like a cutting board.”
Or guiding fabric under the throbbing tattoo of a sewing machine needle. Keeping busy has always been easy for this former Girl Scout, whose badges of merit now come from all sorts of creations of her own design. Gertie taught her to pay close attention to detail, that anything worth doing was worth doing right. “Gertie was so meticulous in her garden; everything had to be perfect,” Ellsworth said. “But then as she got older, she couldn’t work on it as much and the garden grew out a bit. But it was still quite lovely. Gertie said, ‘if I had only known that the wild garden was more beautiful. …’”
It’s a philosophy Ellsworth says guides her creative pursuits. “I don’t try to impose my will on what I’m working on,” she said. “A simple word may inspire a song, just as something from the garden leads to a recipe or a piece of fabric inspires a clothing design. I let it speak to me and as I work I see what unfolds.”

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Geoffrey Rush parla di POTC-5:” Al momento non so nulla..” | Rush in the dark over Pirates 5

ITA: In una intervista a,l’attore Geoffrey Rush,il Barbossa dei pirati piu’ famosi al  mondo,ha rivelato che al momento non sa nulla di un suo coinvolgimento nel prossimo film con Johnny Depp,e che attende fiducioso:” La parte migliore, per me, è che gli autori sono riusciti a dare una evoluzione al  mio  personaggio,all’inizio era solo un uomo cattivo,poi con il passare del tempo ha usato questa particolare competenza per diventare un politico, l’intermediazione di un vertice del G20 dei signori dei pirati! Credo che, nella sceneggiatura che è in fase di sviluppo per il quinto film,il mio personaggio avra’ grande attenzione e considerazione,gli scrittori e Jerry Bruckheimer, come produttore,non possono avviare un progetto simile senza avere tra le mani uno script piu’ che buono! Non si possono iniziare le riprese senza avere delle certezze, io al momento non so assolutamente nulla su questo film…”   Johnny Depp e Sam Claflin hanno gia’ dato il loro assenso per essere nel cast.

ENG: Rush in the dark over Pirates 5
Geoffrey Rush has revealed that he “knows nothing” about the fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean film.
The Oscar-winning Australian actor has played Captain Hector Barbossa in the swashbuckling films since the first movie in 2003, and he hopes he will reprise the role for the next instalment.
“The best part, for me, has been that the writers have managed to give an evolution to the character. He started out as this spat-out-from-hell villain who was the bad guy and an evil dude. And in the course of the subsequent films, he used those particular powers to become a politician, brokering a G20 summit of pirate lords,” he told
Geoffrey, who won an Oscar for his performance in Shine, enjoys playing Barbossa because it doesn’t feel like he’s retreading the same ground with each film.
“In the last film, he went over to the other side and worked for the king. So, on that level, it feels as though I’m going into a new terrain each time, which is terrific,” he continued.
“I believe, in the script that’s being developed for the fifth film, they do it with great care and consideration. The writers and Jerry Bruckheimer, as producer, can’t start a film like this… without knowing that the script is in good shape.
“You can’t start shooting this sort of stuff, if there’s holes in it. But, as to when it will go, I know nothing,” he admitted.
Johnny Depp is said to be interested in reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, alongside Sam Claflin.

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Update photogallery – POTC 1,2,3,4

Abbiamo aggiorato la nostra gallery in filmografia. Potete  trovare una marea di foto dei quattro film dei ”Pirati dei Caraibi”. Buona visione!


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Videos HQ – Potc 4: Extras & Bonus DVD Blu-ray™ Combo Pack / Blu-ray 3D and Movie

Oggi vi proponiamo i video degli Extra e Bonus contenuti nel Dvd Blu-ray™ Combo Pack / Blu-ray 3D dei Pirati dei Caraibi: Oltre i confini del mare.

Blooper Reel:

Johnny’s Return To Pirates Bonus:

From London To Hawaii Bonus:

A Dream Come True Bonus:

Piece Of The Ride Bonus:

Training with Mermaids:

From The Black Pearl To The Revenge Bonus:

In Search Of The Fountain Introduction Bonus:

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Una svista in Pirati dei Caraibi

Tra i vari errori commessi nella storia del cinema vi è anche il famoso Pirati dei Caraibi. Questo è ciò che Moviefone. pensa:

“Speriamo seriamente che chiunque stesse modificando questa scena fosse ubriaco del rum di Jack Sparrow. È la sola spiegazione che abbiamo per il tizio con la maglietta bianca, il cappello da cowboy e gli occhiali da sole, che cammina sullo schermo così come il buon capitano. Concesso che se Sparrow si fosse accorto di questa persona, avrebbe pensato che stesse avendo delle allucinazioni, per poi ritornare di nuovo sulla sua bottiglia alcolica.”

Ecco la foto:

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