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October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

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'Make-Up Artist' | Exclusive: The Making of Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' Age Make-up

1006_2013LR_exclusive_MA-web In an exclusive interview to the magazine Make-Up Artist of August / September (which devotes its cover to The Lone Ranger), Joel Harlow talks about how he and his team created the make-up that appears at the beginning of the Tonto aged film:

"Of all the challenges I faced during the filming of The Lone Ranger, create the make-up of aged Tonto was undoubtedly the most difficult. I had read the script and had numerous discussions with both Johnny Depp with director Gore Verbinski for the look. We wanted it to be eye-catching: the Old Coot was to appear frail and forgetful, but noble and proud. The process began just two months before the 'beginning of the shoot. Considering we were in the midst of preparing an entire film populated by unique characters and all of them with make-up effects-driven, two months did not seem enough for everyone. So, working on Johnny in Lifecast, I jumped immediately to sculpt the prosthetic head and shoulders, drawing inspiration not only from real Native American elders, but also by some of the great 'old make-up' that our community had already product, such as make-up for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Bicentennial Man. "
"In the first test of the complete make-up, Johnny wore 17 prostheses, including the face, chest and arms. After nearly seven hours of work, we sent him out on set. "Translation by Depp Heaven

In a Make-Up Artist exclusive, The Lone Ranger make-up department head Joel Harlow shares how he and his team created the Tonto age make-up That Appears in the beginning of the film: Among all the challenges faced That I During the filming of The Lone Ranger, creating the Jack Crabb Tonto-inspired old-age make-up was arguably the most difficult. I had not read the script and had discussions with Numerous Both Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski about the look. We wanted it to be endearing Old Tonto needed to Appear frail and forgetful, yet noble and proud. Began the process to a mere two months before principal photography commenced. Considering we were in the midst of prepping an Entire movie populated with unique characters and make-up effects-driven, two months is not much time at all. So, working from an existing lifecast of Johnny, I jumped into the sculpting prosthetics For His head and shoulders, drawing inspiration not only from actual old Native American people, but Also from some of the great old-age make-ups That Has our community produced,: such as Dick Smith's Crabb make-up for Little Big Man and his Salieri make-up for Amadeus, as well as many of Greg Cannom's beautiful age make-ups for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Bicentennial Man The first test we did Johnny was on the full make-up (17 prosthetics), including face, chest and arms. After nearly seven hours of prosthetic work, we marched him out onto the temporary September


4418_MA103_Cover1_LoneRanger 1255_MA103_Movies

Johnny on the make-up | Click on the image below to access the gallery:


Disney Infinity - Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto come together! | Sparrow and Tonto Finally Meet!

jacktonto610 And if Captain Jack Sparrow met Tonto what would happen? Disney has thought of that.
To show how Disney Toy Box Infinity, a new trailer shows Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto in a collision of imaginary universes.
Sparrow, in particular, has been cleverly animated to show the humorous depiction of Johnny Depp's character.
The Toy Box mode allows most famous characters, such as Toy Story and Monsters University, to meet, allowing characters to all the Disney universe to finally be in the same playspace.

To show off Disney Infinity's toy box mode, a new trailer shows Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto in a collision of fictional universes.
Sparrow in Particular was expertly animated to show off Johnny Depp's humorous portrayal of the character from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series.
The toy box mode will allow characters from multiple franchises,: such as Toy Story and Monsters University, to meet up, Allowing characters from Disney Throughout the universe to finally be in the same playspace.

DisneyInfinity_JackSparrow_Tonto disneyinfinity-blog630-jpg_180556 jack_sparrow_meets_tonto_infinity_02

Johnny Depp in China in September to promote The Lone Ranger | Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer Postpone Trip to China as 'Lone Ranger' Waits for Release Date

1_Loc_TheLoneRanger_300dpi Disney has confided to The Wrap Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer and AMRIE Hammer would have to leave for China on July 15 to promote The Lone Rnager. The journey, however, was postponed in early September, as it is not yet known a precise release date just for the countries of China. A source said:
"As part of their promotional activities for 'The Lone Ranger,' Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer should visit China in early September date closer to the release date. "
Disney has had to cancel the trip because he does not know yet when it will be released there, a frustration familiar to every studio in Hollywood, especially when it is the second largest market in the world of cinema.
The Chinese government is famous among other things for which places restrictions on what movies can and can not be seen in the country.
Although the western generally do not fare well in foreign markets, given their cultural resonance distinctly American, "The Lone Ranger" can use any help could come from Chinese viewers.
And 'one of the most expensive films of the summer with a production budget of more than $ 200 million dollars. It grossed just under $ 20 million during the first two days of release and up to about $ 60 million for the weekend with 5 days of release. The Chinese market would be a good compromise to fit within the budget.
Stay tuned on Depp Heaven! We will update you on everything!

Disney Has scrapped a trip That would have sent stars Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to China to promote '"The Lone Ranger" this month, the studio Told TheWrap on Friday.
A studio spokesman confirmed the July 15 trip That Had Been moved, and issued the Following statement to TheWrap: "As Part of Their promotional activities for 'The Lone Ranger,' Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer's plan to visit China in early September Closer to an expected release date. "
Disney had to cancel the trip Because It still does not know When the movie will open there, in frustration familiar to every Hollywood studio When It Comes to the world's second largest film market, according to Functional an individual with knowledge of the movie's plans.
Costar Armie Hammer and director Gore Verbinski were all supposed to be part of the promotional trip July, the individual said.
The Chinese government, Which places strict restrictions on Which movies can and can not play in the country, is notorious for giving coffins Also notice to foreign distributors When a movie does earn a release date.
Typically though Westerns do not do well in foreign markets Given Their distinctly American cultural resonance, "The Lone Ranger" can use whatever help it Could Get from Chinese moviegoers.
One of the summer's most expensive movies with a production budget of blackberries than $ 200 million, the film Has struggled out of the gate in the United States. It grossed just shy of $ 20 million over two days in ITS first release and may fall short of $ 60 million for the five-day holiday weekend.

Source: The Wrap

Joel Harlow: "Johnny Depp, a dream come true" | Harlow: The face behind "The Lone Ranger" makeup

1 Joel Harlow, personal make-up artist and longtime collaborator Johnny Depp, (make-up artist and jewelry desings for the film 'Dead Man', 'Dark Shadows',' Alice in Wonderland 'and' Pirates of the Caribbean ') is the' creator of the trick that Johnny wears in the role of Tonto in "The Lone Ranger".

How different makeup for the characters of "The Lone Ranger" than the other films you've worked on?
Joel Harlow: At the beginning I did, I was not solely responsible. Although I have put heart and soul in those films, ultimately, in this I felt able to really make their mark. I was able to create a world with makeup where my team and I were proud. In this film, there is every kind of makeup. Once the people will see it, will realize the depth of the challenge that we had with makeup in this movie.

What was it like working with Johnny Depp?
Johnny is a dream come true - a great friend and a wonderful human being. Do not put them on the makeup: create the trick with him. We were very lucky because every time we have created a make-up together, we were in sync. Both want to see the same thing. And it is 1010528_553957427983587_1356661376_n exactly what we end up doing.

What inspired makeup for "The Lone Ranger"?
It 'a very unique look. I was taking pictures of a carnival in Puerto Rico. I've seen pictures of a Native American man with a crow or a fowl behind her hat or attached to his hat. While we were in Puerto Rico, I did a couple of these photos, which went to Disney and what ended up being the make-up of Tonto in the film.

Johnny says of him:

"Joel has an exceptional talent. There is not a soul who would not recommend his work. Its ability to achieve what was previously possible only photograph is simply staggering. His work speaks for itself. I suspect that it is capable of anything. "

Joel Harlow, Johnny Depp's personal makeup artist, created the makeup Johnny wears in "The Lone Ranger," Which comes out in theaters July 3. Harlow Also did the makeup for "Alice in Wonderland" and all of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. EXTRA: How different is the makeup for the characters for "The Lone Ranger" Compared to the other movies have you worked on? Joel Harlow: The first three films That I did, I was not the guy in charge. Even though I put a lot of my heart and soul in Those movies, ultimately this one I really feel I was Able to sort of leave my mark. I was Able to create a world away makeup That my team and I could be proud of. In this movie, there is every kind of makeup. Once people see it, they will Realize the depth of the makeup challenge in this movie.

How was it like working with Johnny Depp? Johnny is a dream come true - a fantastic friend and a wonderful human being. It's not doing makeup on him; it's us doing makeup together. We have been very fortunate in that you every makeup we have done together, we have been in sync. We both want to see the same thing. And that's what we end up making.

What inspired the makeup for "The Lone Ranger"? It's a very unique look. I was shooting photos from a carnival in Puerto Rico. I saw pictures of a Native American man with a crow flying either behind or attached to His hat His hat. While we were in Puerto Rico, I sculptured a couple photos of These, Which went to Disney and the movie ended up being.



Service of Johnny Depp on the Program Notes Cinema

Johnny Depp, in theaters with "The Lone Ranger", is at the center of the new appointment with "Notes of Cinema", the weekly organized as sent of TG5 Praderio Anna, Iris aired on Monday, July 8, at 17:30 Channel 22 Digital Terrestrial.
The American actor rides, jump on the train, play with snakes and reinvents the western genre in the new Gore Verbinski, playing a quirky and free-spirited warrior, built with two hours of make-up by the make-up artist Joel Harlow " I feel good with this loo ... In fact, I make it every weekend, "joked Depp.
The film is inspired by an American series, which began in radio in the thirties and then landed in television, popular in the United States: "It is a western" - he explains - "dedicated to the Native Americans for the shoot we had consultants Comanche and when we showed the film to some Native American community has been really exciting. I learned a lot from their culture: as a child I watched the show and I still identified in the Indian. "
The filming of "The Lone Ranger" took place in historical sites of Western movies, including Monument Valley and New Mexico, and the troupe has received the official visit of some leaders of the Navajo nation.
In the film, Johnny Depp expresses the pride of its origins Cherokee: the actor, in fact, has donated 250 thousand dollars to the Indians for their schools and loved the meeting with the Native American culture. "Meet the community of Comanche was an incredible experience ... Thanks to" The Lone Ranger "I met an extraordinary people, with a free spirit and a great dignity and inner strength for me it was an honor and a fortune."
In closing, Depp reveals how he built the protagonist of the film: "I imagined 'Tonto' seeing a picture of Kirby Sattler, a painter who portrays Native Americans. I started working on the project of "Lone Ranger" when I was in Puerto Rico on the set of "The Rum Diaries" with some friends, including the make-up artist. A little 'time has recreated the same team of "Pirates of the Caribbean," including producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, and the film began to take shape. "

You can see a preview by clicking on the video below:



The Lone Ranger: The Review Preview

An impressive production that director Gore Verbinski (Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean) defended strenuously to achieve according to his personal vision. That's why The Lone Ranger with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp is an adventure not to be missed, exciting thanks to the high artistic quality.


How important is the "production value"? What is the value nowadays the technical quality of the film hoax? With the CG will do wonders and always costs less, the productions are war machines that can prepare huge sets a short time, the calendars of the studios are becoming more rigid and fixed maturities and put under pressure the director and his collaborators in a way unthinkable.

While watching The Lone Ranger can not, however, do not jump to mind the long battle that director Gore Verbinski (The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango for the Oscar-winning) fought shoulder to shoulder producer Jerry Bruckheimer to keep intact its project almost two years ago. Many, many millions asked to study, but in the lengthy negotiations, the director preferred to minimize his salary while not having to delete key sequences or reduce the technical quality as had been requested.

This is precisely why every scene of the blockbuster will savor his achievement, his genuineness, his high artistic value. 120 days of shooting in the desert, when many would choose the soundstages and green screens, an entire village rebuilt several miles of railroad set up to shoot scenes with real trains (a bit 'as the highway built for The Matrix Reloaded). It is perhaps true that Hollywood in danger of collapsing with ambitious and expensive projects of this type, but the viewer can not but thank Verbinski, Bruckheimer and all the team for scoring The Lone Ranger without too many compromises: two hours and passes pure and great movie .

On the eve expected the reinvention of the Western genre in modern salsa, a little 'as was the case with the trio for the Pirates. Instead, the film is a real old-fashioned western, adventure and exciting suitable for all audiences. The story takes its time and its spaces, and therefore, the transformation of the Lone Ranger John Reid in the title takes longer than expected: better this way because the character is one of the best known and best loved of American culture, while in our country is unknown to many and only the notes of the William Tell by Rossini cleverly inserted by Hans Zimmer in the final scenes might be able to awaken distant memories in someone.

The Texas Ranger who, after escaping an ambush with the help of Tonto, goes around in disguise for the Old West to defend the weak, it is perfectly embodied by the talented Armie Hammer, while Johnny Depp proves surprisingly quite content in ' interpretation of wacky Indian and manages not to overdo it (the protagonist is not him, and not a new Jack Sparrow, even if it has a beautiful depth). The great supporting cast, from the essential and strict Tom Wilkinson up to Helena Bonham Carter (another actress to bridle tensions), but there are also Barry Pepper, William Fichtner and James Badge Dale always more convincing in the role of the brother of John Reid .

Photography is crazy, remained intact thanks to the absence of 3D (yes, the film is in a restful 2D Thanks Gore), while the script is linear and outlines a fascinating film, which does not give too many twists but keep glued up at the end. Avoidable instead the prologue and the epilogue (and the various clips spaces), of which not feel the lack, while the long final sequence set on trains alone is worth the price of admission along with the stunning views and emotions that the American West offers from always to viewers around the world.

The Lone Ranger will be released Wednesday, July 3 in Italy in conjunction with the USA. For more information please see our News from the Blog while here you can read the description of the 17 minutes of footage that we could see in the preview. We remind you that here you can find the facebook page of the Italian film.

Source Screenweek

The Lone Ranger Tonto TV Spot

New TV Spot entitled "Tonto" in the film The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in Italian and American theatrical release next July 3rd!