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October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
March: 2014
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[Magazine Scan] Johnny Depp on the weekly 'F': "I prefer to make music that run behind the women"

No. 27 on the weekly 'F' Italian found an interview with Johnny Depp. Here are the scans:

01 02

03 cover-effe-n -27 °

Scan by Depp Heaven

Johnny Depp on Best Movie of July - Cover Story: Tonto who?

BM-Cover_07_2013 Newsstands on Friday, June 28, the new issue of Best Movie of July. Cover dedicated to 'Tonto' and broad service of The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp (from page 36 to page. 45 -)

Here's a preview for you an excerpt of the interview in the cover story dedicated to The Lone Ranger (and the official Website BestMovie mini scan of the magazine):

BM: He just turned 50, what do you think?

JD: "That would have been much worse if not I got there, no? Now, that would be a problem. "

And when you look back? 36-37

"Do not ever about my films: it is a rule that I have given, even if I lose my job so many good friends, and the final result. But I prefer it, because once you've played your part, the game goes into the hands of others and is not none of your business. My job is to give options to the director. So I like to get out, keeping the experience. The story is a curious thing: some time ago have made ​​a reel with short sequences extracted from my films. When I saw all those people at once I felt a big surprise. You 38-39 incredible that he got away with it all this time and still can find a job. I am a miracle. "

Have you ever heard a lone ranger in Hollywood?

"Let's say that I have more or less always did what I wanted and I feel lucky to still be part of the game. Yes, I like being in the game ... but only because I move according to my rules. "

As he drew his Indian The Lone Ranger? Jack Sparrow was the inspiration Keith Richards, in this case?

"I saw a picture (" I Am Crow "by Kirby Sattler, ed) 40-41 I was very impressed. It depicts a warrior with some vertical stripes painted on his face, only slightly different from those used for Tonto. The first time I looked carefully, I had the impression of seeing four different "sections" or "souls" of the man. Behind him is a crow flies. At first glance it seemed to me it was just resting on his head, so I decided that as a spirit guide I'd put a bird on his head. And I recommend it to everyone, it is one thing to try. It's amazing run with a bird like headdress ... ".

Tonto means stupid in Italian.

"In the language of the Comanche means the village idiot; fits me well, is not it? '. (Laughs) 42-43

Tonto who is Indian?

"Not what was represented consistently in the history of cinema. Native Americans have always been underestimated, if not vilified in Hollywood. They were called savages. Here, Tonto is not a savage. " [...]

As a good Gemini, when Johnny Depp gets an idea in his head, the door to the end. Whatever the cost. Especially if he has just turned 50 and finds himself two friends, enterprising as him, to put in place. The Hollywood actor is celebrating, in fact, half a century of life (celebrated on June 9 and also honored by the Best Movie), leading to the big screen a dream that grows as a boy: The Lone Ranger. Where the legendary Knight 44-45 Solitaire - born in radio in 1933 and became famous worldwide thanks to a TV series of the fifties - is less alone than ever.

"I loved the show, but I never accepted that Indian Tonto should be a simple ranger's shoulder. So, (in this adaptation of which is an interpreter but also executive producer, editor's note) I tried a different approach: in addition to the valiant warrior, there's a man with a sense of humor out of the ordinary. I wanted the character could redeem the Native Americans to the movies. " [...]

The rest ... June 28 on sale! !

Source: BestMovie | PPN

Johnny Depp on DNES Vikend magazine

New photo of Johnny Depp's photo shoot by Peter Mountain, the magazine of the Czech Republic Vikend

1zmoxo2 13323660 13323619


QZ - Johnny Depp says the association "Dogs Deserve Better" | Johnny Depp Supports Dogs Deserve Better

JohnnyDepp A news that we thought we would write and that goes back a few years ago. Johnny Depp gave him an autographed picture association "Dogs Deserve Better" which put up for auction on Ebay.

Retrieved from: $ 1000 all of which were obviously used to help our four-legged best friends! As always, our Johnny engages in beneficial actions that make it more special for us!

Signed photo of Johnny Depp sitting on a wicker chair Brought $ 1000 in online e-bay auction for Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit working to bring dogs into the home and family from an outside, neglected existence at the end of a chain.

You can also find an article that talks about the journal Hog- March, just out on newsstands. Here are the scans:

r_zps507560b8 e_zps1543d97e Immagine4

Source | Source

Full Scan - Sassy magazine in 1990

Here are the scans of the cover and of the complete article on Johnny Depp Sassy magazine, published in May 1990.

Click on the picture below to access the gallery:

Scan - The Lone Ranger on EW Magazine

Picture5 On the magazine Entertainment Wee kly of January, The Lone Ranger appears in the list of the best movies to watch in 2013!

The 'anticipated Disney film will be released in American theaters, in July.

Thanks to JD-Zone!

Scan - The Lone Ranger on Empire Magazine

Here are the scans of the magazine Empire this month, has released a service dedicated to Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer stars of the film The Lone Ranger.
We thank!