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Pirates of Xandria

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Meets Johnny

Dark Shadows London Premiere
Cannes 2011
The Tourist Rome Premeière
Filming The Tourist
Venice Film Festival 2007

Tim Burton

October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
March: 2014
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Press Conference

Video: Press Conference West of Memphis with Johnny Depp, Damien Echols and More

Johnny Depp was present at the Toronto Film Festival to present West of Memphis, a documentary about three teenagers wrongly convicted for triple murder without a shred of evidence. Fortunately, after many legal battles have been released. Many of the stars who helped these 3 young people, including Johnny.

Here's the full press conference! Soon the Depp Heaven, will translate into Italian for you:

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Update photogallery - POTC 1,2,3,4

We aggiorato in our gallery filmography. You can find a lot of photos of the four films of the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Enjoy the show!

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Update Photos - DS LA Press Conference - Johnny Depp & John Hiscock

We propose two pictures they see Johnny Depp along with the Daily Telegraph, John Hiscock, after the press conference of Dark Shadows in Los Angeles.

Johnny Depp is looking fit and relaxed When We Meet at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles ... [...]

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Videos-Premiere and Press Conference of Dark Shadows in Tokyo

More videos from the premiere and the Japanese press confernza of Dark Shadows, May 12, 2012.

Премьера Мрачных теней в Токио di johnnytim

Премьера Мрачных теней в ЛА и Токио di johnnytim

tokio-prees Dark Shadows di johnnytim

Премьера Мрачных теней в Токио di johnnytim

Source: JT
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Dark Shadows: Japan Press Conference Pics

Yesterday was held in Japan Premiere of Dark Shadows. We have entered into possession of the photos of the Press conference, with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. The film is currently in theaters:

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HQ Photo - Dark Shadows LA Press Conference

Here are HQ photos of Johnny at the press conference of Dark Shadows, held May 6 in Los Angeles.

Click on the image below to access the gallery.

Thanks to JD &!

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Dark Shadows - LA Press Junket & Press Conference

First pictures of Johnny at the press junket for Dark Shadows in Los Angeles.

Waiting for the start of the press conference:

Thanks to!

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