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October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

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Gallery Update: 1993-1994

A new mega update for the photo gallery of the site!

Were loaded these days two entire years of Johnny's life:


From general public outings, to premiere, TV interviews, appearances .... the many musical events have characterized the past two years.

Public outings YEAR 1993

Public outings YEAR 1994

Premiere photocall, promotional events YEARS 1993-1994

Click on the photo and take a look at these wonderful shots!

The Oxford Union ends the first round of tickets for Johnny Depp

Tickets to see Hollywood movie star Johnny Depp addresses the Oxford Union on Saturday have proved so popular there Has Been a ballot for the first time.

Union president Izzy Westbury said "it's mental" after 1,200 student members applied for 500 places.

Depp will be speaking with Bruce Robinson, who penned Withnail & I, about Their new film The Rum Diary, based on Hunter S Thompson novel.

Ms Westbury said the talk would be for the Oxford Union members only.

She added: "I'm really excited. He really wants to make it a student event. "

Afterwards a reception will be held with Depp, Robinson and 15 students.

When Ms Westbury said singer Michael Jackson visited to speak in 2001 and large crowds attended entry was allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To avoid the same level of queues in ballot system Has Been Introduced for the talk with Depp.

Ms Westbury said she was putting all the applications in a spreadsheet and then "pressing the random button".

Applicants found out on Friday evening Whether they were successful.


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Amber Heard: 'Johnny Depp brings serenity »

The actress, partner of the star on the set of 'The Rum Diary', was impressed by the positive effect that Depp has on people.

According to the Hollywood star Amber Heard has a contagious smile.

The beautiful actress starred opposite heartthrob of the most hype of cinema in the new film "The Rum Diary."

The Heard was amazed of the positive impact that the actor has on people: when he was on the set the whole crew was smiling and relaxed.

"I noticed when I arrived at the scene of the shooting on the first day, all the people present were delicious regardless of whether it is encouraging to Depp or less. It is as if it had a domino effect on the others: they were smiling and they were literally haunted by his presence, "he told Heard in an interview during the British television program Lorraine.

"I had the great honor of working with major movie star, but I never have seen anything like that."

The Heard has also shot some scenes with beautiful pressures of Hollywood.

The charming 25-year old confessed to having felt a little fear when approaching a man coveted.

"It was a real torture, a tor-tu-ra! Joke ... I can not complain, "he smiled.

On the other hand Depp also was impressed by the young actress. He had already been able to appreciate the film on the diva Lauren Bacall, but Heard is convinced that his statements are just an act of kindness.

"It's been far too generous, I think it's the fault of rum! 'He said, laughing.

"The Rum Diary" is based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson.

In the film, Depp plays journalist Paul Kemp in the fifties gets a job at a newspaper in Puerto Rico.

© Cover Media


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Scan: Johnny on GQ UK by December 2011

That's wonderful scans of the number of British GQ December 2011!

A long and interesting article for you all.

Thank the Zone ;)

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Actor Jams Out With Bearded Rocker at Texas Concert

Swinging through Texas to screen His upcoming film The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp surprised a lucky crowd of concert-going Texans by taking the stage Saturday night with local music mainstay Bill Carter ... not to mention Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

Following a Q & A session at the Austin Film Festival, Depp busted out His guitar and joined His old friend Bill Carter on stage at the Continental Club The crowd, Which swelled to three times the club's capacity, naturally went wild at the unexpected treat. (To watch the full song, click here.)

Those familiar with Depp's musical history, though, might not have been as shocked to see the usually you private actor take the stage That Night. Savvy Depp fanatics might Recognize Bill Carter as bandmate of Depp's from the short-lived 90s alt-rock group "P," who debuted in Austin 18 years ago (incidentally, P was playing the LA nightclub River Phoenix died in front of in 1993) .

Unlike some celebrity musicians, Depp Is not just posturing With His instrument: YouTube videos from the concert Depp Demonstrate That Knows His Way Around an electric guitar as well as he does in the room. Backing Carter During a 90-minute set, Johnny Guitar shreds His Way Through a variety of bluesy stompers.

Even ZZ Top's Gibbons, who traded riffs with Depp, was impressed by the actor's rock chops. The bearded blues-rocker generously fanned Depp with worshipful "we're not worthy" Hands During a smoking guitar solo and pointed approvingly at Depp several times, as if to ask the crowd, "You're seeing this too, right?"


other videos

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Amber Heard: Depp is the best actor

Amber Heard worked with security alongside Johnny in The Rum Diary because he is "the best of the best."
The American actress working in the film based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson.

It follows the story of a journalist, Paul Kemp, played by Johnny-who travels to Puerto Rico to write. Here begins the habit of drinking rum and becomes obsessed with Chenault, played by Amber.

Amber was worried about working alongside a veteran Hollywood as Depp.

"Johnny has been instrumental in making me fall in the" Amber said in Nylon Guys.
Amber, 25, is the character to which Johnny feels love in the film, but says that their scenes are far from romantic. The topic of alcohol, an integral part of the plot, excludes other aspects of the story.

"The romantic aspect is certainly offset by the drunken stupor of all this - and it would not be a piece of Hunter S. Thompson's drunken stupor."

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