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Dark Shadows London Premiere
Cannes 2011
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Tim Burton

October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
March: 2014
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Her jewelry | Jewels

Johnny wears Pearls of Jack Sparrow very often, so as to become an integral part of his clothing.

This necklace of Che Guevara, Johnny began to wear it during the filming of Lost in La Mancha, insioeme a necklace with tooth tiger.

A ring that is a Cherokee Indian chief. This beautiful ring, was left to him by his French girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis.

This bracelet is very important to Johnny, it was Dustin, a boy who died at a young age because of cancer. Engraved The sentence reads: "Every day is a gift."

This ring has been done from a jewelry designer who creates his works for celebrities. Has worn this ring in 'January edition of Esquire magazine.

The necklace Gonzo is, of course, in honor of Hunter Thompson - wonderful friend Johnny, who died some time ago. Johnny also brings many pieces of clothing Gonzo. The cross is a symbol of eternal life and immortality.

Johnny wears a bracelet of colored hearts in relief that it was done for him by his daughter Lily Rose. He did this when he was very young hearts chain is said to represent something personal between them.

Johnny wears a necklace of Hindu deity Ganesh the elephant god who is a leader. Of course, many people ask the personal beliefs of Johnny, but he shares the views of many religions so this is not a statement about his religion.

He wears a gold ring that is a replica of what Jack Sparrow in the Pirates wearing, is actually a replica of a ring from the seventeenth century Roman ring. The actual ring was borrowed from an antique dealer for the sequel Pirates of the Caribbean and mysteriously disappeared in the mid-filming. The ring he wears in the movie is the original and sometimes, sometimes, the replica in gold.  

This ring represents the distinctive skull of Jack Sparrow, he was presented by the cast of the third film of the pirates.

This bracelet is perhaps the most famous of Hollywood, Johnny wears Platoon of the time, and even now it is an integral part of his clothing is a leather bracelet.

This looks like a scarf is actually a piece of a shirt that Johnny wore in 2006 on which his two sons have made ​​a small drawing.

It has many rings that represent the skulls, one worn at the time of Dead Man, another worn by his friend Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch, another skull ring that is the emblem of The Brave and the number 3.  

These are the two rings shown in the above picture taken, however, in detail.


Other necklaces that often wears the currency of Lily-Rose, a necklace made ​​of skulls and a bit 'of beads.

He thanked the


At the turn of 2011-2012 Johnny began to wear a black ring on the ring finger right under the eyes of the red 'ring with the skull. Johnny showed it at the Golden Globes 2012, where he appeared during the evening presented by Ricky Gervais: "A man who makes everything that Tim Burton tells him." Western traditions consider such rings as a symbol of 'promises' or' commitment '. 'Promise Ring' , 's' promise ring', is often a pre-engagement ring given to a patner and represents a commitment to a monogamous relationship. The 'Promise Ring can be worn on any finger, but what it symbolizes the pre-engagement are generally worn on the left ring finger, sometimes on the right ring finger so as not to confuse it with an engagement ring true. Rings of Promise, probably date from the 16th century. In those days, when a man could not afford to get married, he used to give his bride a promise ring as a mark of intention, until the marriage could be celebrated. L 'certainly ring symbolizes the promise made ​​between two people. It can refer to many types of votes as the vow of fidelity, vow of eternal love, vow of eternal gratitude, promise of marriage. Often on the inner side of the ring there are the words of the vote (for example, "I love you for eternity", etc ...). Promise Rings are generally made ​​of hard inmetallo, such as titanium or tungsten, in such a way that the 'ring, even at a symbolic level, can not be damaged in any way. Rings of Promise male are usually black (there are also steel, blue ones, etc.). Rings blacks (titanium, onyx, hematite, etc.) are popular wedding rings for same-sex couples. Many articles on the legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. have a symbolic picture of two wedding rings blacks. Johnny probably wearing a tungsten ring from Tungsten World , "Enigma 6 mm." Their slogan is: "Tungsten World is proud to offer tungsten carbide rings that symbolize the word" forever. "  

Thanks to


During the premiere and promotion of Dark Shadows, Johnny showed off a new ring-shaped mask worn by the Lone Ranger.   

On August 6, Aerosmith after-party at Pink Taco in West Hollywood, Johnny showed off a new ring in the same finger. This stretch of Tonto, the character he played in The Lone Ranger.  



At the Press Conference of The Lone Ranger, June 19 in Santa Fe, showed off a new ring with a small skull and glitter side and a new Mexican-style bracelet.

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