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Title: Neverland - A dream for life
Cast: Johnny Depp; Kate Winslet; Julie Christie; Nick Roud; Radha Mitchell; Joe Prospero; Freddie Highmore; Dustin Hoffman; Eileen Essell
Directed by: Marc Forster
Screenplay: David Magee
Duration: 101 min.
Release Date: 2004
Genre: drama, biographical
Distributed by: Miramax Films
Plot: James Matthew Barrie (Johnny Depp) is a respected playwright, but his comedies are missing something, and are successful in the aristocratic London. Charles Frohman (Dustin Hoffman), the producer of his shows is desperate, and continues to ask for new scripts.
One day, sitting on a bench at the park with his dog to write, knows if Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet) and her four children. He was born in this way a great love for the four


Original trailer:

Italian trailer:

Spoiler BLOOPERS / Errors in the film

  • When Depp brings his "new" family in the cottage for the summer, he encounters a flock of sheep on the road and you notice the wet road in the frame, as if there was a big puddle. Depp goes down, makes sure to send away the sheep and dates. In the frame above shows us that while Depp down the road is dry and all traces of puddle / wet road is gone.
  • When Jimmy goes to Charles (Dustin Hoffman) to talk comedy that is staging, the manufacturer is intent on reading the characters in the opera. Is smoking, but his cigarette does not emit smoke!
  • Sir Barrie sees one of the Llewelyn Davies children hiding under his bench. In the frame that takes him and the child sees Barrie leaning on one elbow to the bench: the fingers are open and "dangle" off the edge of the bench itself. When the frame is tight on the Barrie only the hand is clenched.
  • While Barrie and his producer Frohman are sitting in the theater you can see the workers who move pannellli of the scenography. The camera takes two men seated on chairs on either side of the corridor, and two of these workers to go back to Barrie. At the rally on the frame you can see Barrie go over the same pair of men.
  • Peter is cutting himself with his brother, immediately after the coughing fit mother. Depending on the shots, the little door or the door dark vest cowboy.
  • Spoiler At the end of the film Depp and Peter sitting on a bench. Peter is already sitting and Depp joins him, takes off his hat and puts it on the same bench. Then, towards the end of the dialogue between the two, they are framed front and appear decidedly shifted to the right side of the bench. Early in the frame, that is, when Depp Supports the hat, the distance from the left end of the bench Depp is much less than what we are seeing in the frame front. In the course of the dialogue - particularly felt by the two - they do not move.
  • In the closing credits is a PURCHASE ... instead of Purchases
  • Always appears in the credits RESONSABILE music ...

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