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Title: Chocolat
Cast: Juliette Binoche; Johnny Depp; Judi Dench; Alfred Molina; Carrie-Anne Moss; Lena Olin; Victoire Thivisol; Hugh O'Conor; Peter Stormare; John Wood
Directed by: Lasse Hallström
Screenplay: Robert Nelson Jacobs
Duration: 121 min.
Release Date: 2000
Genre: comedy, drama, sentimental
Distributed by: USA, Great Britain
Plot: France 1959. Lansquenet In the quiet village, the arrival of Vianne and her daughter Anouk disrupts the habits of the locals. It was during the fasting period of Lent, Vianne opens a chocolate shop in the town center and, as if that were not enough, do not go to church at religious and socialize with a group of nomads passing through, in particular with Roux (Johnny Depp), the charming leader of the gypsies. Also welcomes him with Josephine, a woman who thanks to her unable to leave her husband who beat her.
In the village the Count De Reynaud (devout Catholic and respectable) unleashed a real war against those who converted to sinful chocolate and the idea of freedom inspired by Vianne, not wanting to return to their previous life. But the plans of Count not have happened: the husband of Josephine, whom he tried to re-educate, causes a fire on the boat Roux, and only a miracle will prevent a tragedy. Count the hunt Lansquenet while the gypsies share.
Caroline, the woman of whom the Count is in love, and that he has always followed, Vianne will help to make preparations for the festival of chocolate, and the control that the Count has always exercised over the town is becoming less effective. Disappointed and heartbroken, he decides to destroy the chocolate by any means, but it will eventually overwhelmed, after prolonged fasting that rekindles finally forced the repressed desires. Even the young parish priest, a lover of the music of Elvis Presley and tired of the long diatribe, it will eventually deliver a sermon full of freedom and the true meaning of love for God
After much wandering, and for the sake of her daughter, Vianne finally decide to stop around the world and settling in Lansquenet, and disappear at the same time the imaginary friend of her daughter Anouk, Pantoufle, the kangaroo with a broken leg that could not jump. In the final scene, Roux returns to Lansquenet with Vianne and Anouk.


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Italian trailer:

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