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Dark Shadows London Premiere
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Tim Burton

October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
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Archives of the Day: July 26, 2012

Johnny Depp at the Venice Film Festival 2012, but will not physically connected to the video

So just a few days ago we announced the news that will come out in Venice a short film titled "My Friend Johnny" in which the owner of the Red Rose (A Venetian restaurant), talks about his experience with Johnny, during the filming of The Tourist, the actor happened in his own restaurant.

This short documentary will be presented in the "Venice Days" at the Venice Film Festival, In the "Venice Night" and apparently Johnny will be present, not physically, but through a video.

If you are interested in participating in these directions are necessary: ​​Just ask Depp to us of Heaven.

30/08/2012 21:30 h
[Venice Nights] MY FRIEND JOHNNY Alessandra Cardone
House of Writers Room - The Pagoda
Free admission

30 world premiere works, including famous names and not. Highly anticipated Steel Stefano Mordini, based on the bestseller by Silvia Avallone; Heritage of Hiam Abbass, star of The Syrian Bride and Miral, here for the first time in front of and behind the camera (side by side with Herzi) along with an icon of the Nordic film as Sólveig Anspach; French Queen of Montreuil; Keep Smiling by Rusudan Chkonia; Blondie Jesper Ganslandt; Korean The Weight; The Twin Vincenzo Marra; Israeli Hayta Ve Berl (Epilogue); Canadian Stories We Tell; and finally Kinshasa Kids by Marc-Henri Wajnberg. But it does not end here, because there will be more meetings and special, with Bob Wilson, Marina Abramovic, Willem Dafoe, Anthony Hegarty, narrated by Giada Colagrande, along with the voices of the twentieth century self-taught writer Vincenzo Rabito and political leader Pietro Ingrao, Constance Quatriglio and Philip Vendemmiati (David prize for the documentary); Sergio Rubini and Luigi Lo Cascio; Zoe Cassavetes and Lucrecia Martel; Ferrente Agostino and Giovanni Piperno; Masbedo and Francesco De Gregori, Johnny Depp (on video) and Paul Rumiz (from the truth).

Official Source: SCHEDULE OF DAYS | Comments on the forum

New Photo - Johnny Depp & Ralph Steadman

A beautiful new photo of Johnny and Ralph Steadman lasted a break in filming of the documentary "For no good reason." '

Source | Comments on the forum