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October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

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Update - Comic-Con: Disney presents The Lone Ranger

As announced last week , was presented the teaser trailer for The Lone Ranger at Comic-Con in San Diego. Now come new details about the clip:

The teaser revealed an unknown aspect of the film by Gore Verbinski at the center of the plot is the construction of the railway. "Whoever controls, will control the future," we are told.
The sequences that see in action the Ranger (Armie Hammer) and Tonto (Johnny Depp) are little more than splinters assembly. We see the two attack a train, with Depp scale the wall of a carriage in motion. "There comes a time, Kemosabe, in which a good man should wear a mask," says Depp in voice over.

The trailer has had some impact, showing the proportions of the film: expensive set - including a saloon, a railway station and the natural and majestic Monument Valley - and action scenes that, if you turn with little CGI and stunt many classics may reserve grand spectacle and adrenaline, a walk Verbinski.
Also starring Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper and James Badge Dale, The Lone Ranger will be distributed in Italy by Disney May 31, 2013.

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