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Dark Shadows London Premiere
Cannes 2011
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Tim Burton

October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
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Archives of the Day: March 13, 2012

The Trailer for Dark Shadows will be shown Thursday, March 15 (Dark Shadows Trailer Arrives This Thursday March 15)

Browsing on twitter we were able to find a wonderful news!

Thursday March 15 at The Ellen Degeneres Show will be screened the trailer of Dark Shadows! Of course, we expect to be published online shortly after and have a copy for you to show as soon as it is available. Directed by Tim Burton, Dark Shadows has cast Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer,
Helena Bonham Carter, Jonny LeeMiller, Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Gulliver McGrath, and Bella Heathcote.

The Thursday, March 15th episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show is said to have the exclusive premiere:
"Also, Ellen Has The exclusive trailer for the new Tim Burton movie 'Dark Shadows,' starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter!"

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Johnny Depp and the inspiration of the music for his characters ...

Everyone knows that Johnny and 'inspired by the Rolling Stones guitarist, as well as' great friend, Keith Richards, for the character of Jack Sparrow, given his passion for music, but it might not be the only one ... To give a better 'look over the years, the characters in his films appear very similar to the famous rock-star, not least the character of Tonto in "The Lone Ranger", which could be easily seen as the fifth member of Kiss! Just a coincidence? The pictures speak for themselves ...

By now, we are accustomed to Johnny Depp's enthusiasm for the makeup chair. We know he loves a good wig, and we expect a heavy dose of eyeliner and some fantastical new thread with every new scheme Depp performance. (It would not be surprising to see him vamping for Sephora.) But the first stills from the upcoming Lone Ranger, in Which Depp plays Tonto to Armie Hammer's John Reid, suggest That All this face-painting and hat-wearing might be part of Depp's homage on a larger part: Most of His wackadoo characters bear blackberries than a passing resemblance to a famous rocker. He made ​​it clear That Keith Richards was His inspiration for Jack Sparrow, but Vulture could not help but notice That His Tonto looks a lot like he Could be the fifth member of Kiss. And there are many more musical doppelgangers! Is Depp quietly working His Way Through the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll? Consider the evidence.

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The Lone Ranger - New photos of the set under construction

From the website of The Lone Ranger get these new aerial photos of the set being built in New Mexico.

Click on the image below to access the gallery.


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Jerry Bruckheimer revealed: "Johnny Depp helped design the costumes for Tonto The Lone Ranger '| Jerry Bruckheimer Johnny Depp Reveals Helped Design Tonto Costume For' The Lone Ranger '

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has recently revealed on Twitter that Johnny Depp has collaborated to create the costume for Tonto, his character in The Lone Ranger. With regard to the costume Bruckheimer has revealed this:
"What you have on the head is a raven, and it is something that Johnny has researched. He then worked Warpaint, and everything else with his makeup artist, nor that which came out of those two is this extraordinary creation of Tonto, "he explained.

Film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently tweeted the first production still from the upcoming remake of "The Lone Ranger" and Johnny Depp 's Tonto Costume Has really got people talking.
FIRST LOOK: Johnny Depp As Tonto & Armie Hammer In 'The Lone Ranger'
He's got crazy war paint and what looks like a crow sitting on His Head. Let's just say, This Is not your granny's Tonto. So, we asked Mr. Bruckheimer Is that really a crow? And Johnny did design the costumes Himself?
Watch Will Smith Fight A Giant Fish In The New 'Men In Black 3' Trailer
"It is a crow, and it's something That Johnny researched. So he worked out the warpaint, and everything else With His makeup artist, and the two of them came up with this amazing creation of Tonto, "he explained. Source

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New Photo: Johnny Depp, Paul McCartney and Bruce Witkin

Grace to the facebook page of the Unison Music (Record Label founded by Johnny Depp) we came in possession of a wonderful photo.

A long way from Hallandale ...
McCartney & The Kids!

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