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October 10, 2012: Cristina member of our fan club, interview with Tim Burton at the London Film Festival!

Heaven Depp interview Tim Burtont
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Archives of the Day: March 10, 2012

Terry David Mulligan talks about the series 21 Jump Street and Johnny Depp (Terry David Mulligan remembers 21 Jump Street)

Beautiful words that come from Terry David Mulligan in regards to Johnny! There is no doubt about the beauty of mind of our favorite ...

What I do remember is that there was an industrial building near the smaller building in China town (Pender and Carrall) and behind it there was a set of 21 Jump Street.
The entire building went up in flames, as it was made of wood. I liked being in that area and in that set. He seemed to have lived, and that the actors lived and slept there. I had a strange feeling about that place.
One of the last times I saw Johnny Depp in Vancouver, I was walking on Fourth Avenue, and there was a guy who was struggling with a mattress, is trying to take him down the stairs and out of a van. I said: "Let us help you" so I grabbed him and we put him in the van. I looked at who it was and it was Johnny who was moving. I saw it in jackets and stuff like that, I saw him in New York one evening. He was in a restraunt luxury and was full of cameras that were trying to enter. I slipped past the security, he saw me and greeted me. We sat for 20 minutes and we talking about Vancouver. This after it became a big star. It is very loyal to the people he met during his journey.

I think I had half-a-dozen roles. I remember Johnny Depp saying, 'Jesus Christ, he's back again! Are we killing you this time? '
What I remember most is That they were in an industrial building near the world's narrowest building [at Pender and Carrall in Chinatown]. In behind where there was the set of 21 Jump Street was.
That whole building burnt down, it was all wood. I loved being in that you area and On That September It looked like it was lived in, That the actors lived and slept there. It had a nice funky feel to it.
One of the last times I saw Depp in Vancouver, I was walking up Fourth Avenue by CFUN [in the 1900 block]. And there was a guy struggling with a mattress, one guy trying to bring a mattress downstairs and out into a panel van. I said, 'Let me help,' and I grabbed one end and we walked it over. I Looked up and it was Depp, who was moving.
I've seen him on junkets and stuff. I saw him in New York one night. He was at the top of a restaurant and every room crew known to mankind was outside trying to get into. I slipped in and walked up past security, he saw me and waved me on. We sat down for 20 minutes and Talked about Vancouver. This is after he was a big star. He's very loyal to people he's met along the way.

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Johnny Depp shampoo commercial offer

This video some time ago, it is worth to be seen! Johnny Depp and the commercial offer for one Shampoo:

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Photos from the past: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Today, we now propose a very nice photo of Johnny Depp, when he was with Kate Moss:

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